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"A book like the one just published by Ricardo Aleixo is a must for anyone who wants to go in depth into any of the aspects, authors or sources of all this eighteenth-century period" (Ángel Medina, El otro a ratos, 2017).

"A book, therefore, of high scientific value, a reliable source of consult from which to obtain secure information, but also much more than this" (Danilo Prefumo, il Fronimo, n. 179, July 2017).


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A book about the guitar in Spain, in particular, in Madrid (2015 Spanish Musicology Award)
Abstract and Review (Prof. Ángel Medina)

Table of Contents and Indexes



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El guitarrón (text in Spanish)

Varias fuentes de los siglos XVIII y XIX atestiguan la proliferación del tiple, o guitarrillo (“guitarra muy pequeña, lo mismo que tiple”[1]), en la sociedad española; por el contrario, no es tan frecuente encontrar referencias al guitarrón. (Read more)


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